400cc 4WD Farm Ute
New Upgraded Model  -> more info 
EFI, Digital Dash, Large Rear Tilt Tray, 4WD & Diff Locks
NEW! 500cc 4WD GT Farm Ute -> more pics  
BENCH SEAT - Walk through cabin 
Upgraded Model for 2020
Seats up to 3
NEW! 800cc  4WD GTS Farm UTV  Delphi EFI, winch, towbar, roof and windscreen standard
Powersteering, Diff Locks
Seats up to 3     SIDE DOORS
400cc 4x4 Farm Utility Vehicle UTV - Blue500cc 4x4 GT Sector Hisun Farm Utility Vehicle UTV - Blue800cc GTS 4x4 Farm Utility UTV Side by Side Crossfire Ute Blue
ONLY!! $8,999
Value Workhorse!!
ONLY!! $10,899
Reliable Workhorse!!
ONLY!! $14,999
Powerful Workhorse!!

250cc 2WD GT
Farm Ute
      -> more pics  
BENCH SEAT - Walk through cabin 
Electric 48V
E1 4WD FARM UTV   -> more pics  
RECHARGEABLE 48Volt Battery Powered Farm Utv. Upgraded Model for 2020

250cc 2x4 GT Hisun Farm Utility Vehicle UTV Side By Side Ute - Red
Electric 4x4 E1 Sector Hisun Farm Utility Vehicle UTV Crossfire Side By Side Vector 4WD Ute SSV - Green

WInch, Windscreen, Roof & Alloy Wheels Standard!!  Full CVT Auto Hi / lo range with Electric Start  
SALE!! $6999*
Bonus Towbar + Hard Top Roof Large Bench Seat Fits 3 People
-> See more info 
ONLY!! $14,899*



700cc 4 Seater UTV -
Was $11989 Now $10999
800cc 4 Seater UTV - Was $12989 Now $11999

4 Seater Hisun XUV 700cc Side by Side Farm Ute Utv

700cc 4 Seater UTV       Red, Blue or Black

4 Seater Hisun XUV 700cc Side by Side Red

Have Questions? ... Want to ORDER?->ContactUS

4 Seater Hisun XUV 700cc Side by Side Atomik

Have Questions? ... Want to ORDER?->ContactUS

4 Seater Hisun XUV 700cc Side by Side UTV Farm Ute

4 Seater Hisun 700cc Side by Side Blue

800cc V-twin 4 Seater UTV Available in Orange
Sorry Sold Out  $10999 Click here for more info on 800cc 4 seater UTV
The 800cc 4 Seater UTV rear is convertible from either a 4 seat or 2 seat + larger cargo bay)

800cc Hisun 4 seater Side by Side UTV Farm ute

See the 800cc V-twin 4 Seater UTV in Action

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700cc 2 Seater UTV

Manufactured by HiSun in co-operation with Japan Fuji heavy industries (Subaru)

High Quality Unit at a Great Price!!

Atomik XUV 500 UTV Farm utility - Front right

NOW with DELPHI EFI Fuel Injection System 

Have Questions? ... Want to Order? - Call David on 0416 071 242 or Email us

Now comes Standard with a ROOF and WINDSCREEN!!

(Roof and Windscreen not shown in all pics)


700cc UTV available in GREEN        500cc UTV available in RED

for Agricultural use on the Farm or as a Hunting 4x4 Utility Vehicle 

Contact US


2500lbs Electric Winch

Atomik XUV 500 700 built by Hisun UTV Farm utility

350kgs Hydraulic Tilt tray - Large 1.1m x 0.82m Size

Atomik XUV 700 UTV Farm utility with tray


* See terms, conditions & warranty information here

Atomik XUV 700 UTV Farm utility

 Side Safety Door

Heavy Duty Tail Gate - Tow bar - Independent Suspension

Padded Steering Wheel - Digital Dash

 Dual Headlights                                   All Terrain Knobby Tyres                         Heavy Duty Suspension

Ventilated Disc Brakes                                    Water Cooled                                              Fully Automatic

PICS of Assembled 500cc Ute in Sydney

Atomik XUV 500

Atomik XUV 500 Farm utility

Full Parts Catalog, User Manual, Tool Kit &

Step by Step Assembly DVD

 Full Exploded View Parts Manuals with every part labeled and numbered. Makes it very easy when needing spares

PICS from Australian farm North of Sydney

We have found these units to be very reliable!
We were talking to Steve the customer who purchased the 500cc utility vehicle above when they first came out around 12 months ago. He has used his as a work horse
on his farm north of Sydney nearly every day since, now with over 1000 kms on the clock. He said "it still runs perfectly and starts first go every time"


VIDEO OF 500cc FARM UTE (Yamaha Rhino 660 Clone)






of BUYING these UNITS over other Big Named Brands

  • Very Low Initial Purchase Price!! - Save $$$
  • Very Low Ongoing Maintenance Cost!! - Save $$$

Parts are Very Cheap!! - At least 1/4 the cost of Big Name Brands

We Can Source Any Part!! - Don't believe everything you hear

The 2500sq metre warehouse in Melbourne has 400sq metres dedicated just to stocking parts. If a part isn't in stock it can be ordered in with a following shipment.

We had a customer who bought a $13000 Yamaha Quad Bike. Our equivalent quad costs $6950. Not long after he bought it he had to spend another $2000 on a small component. He is tired of forking out big dollars on exorbitant over priced brand name components. One of our employees had the same experience with his own Yamaha dirt bike. They are a good bike but when it lost 3rd gear any mechanical repair shop would have charged over $1500 to replace it. Very expensive. 

Ongoing Maintenance is generally a lot cheaper with our units. Quite often it is actually the big brand names that after purchased can cost the big dollars.

These units have Japanese designed engines manufactured in co-operation with Japan Fuji heavy industries (Subaru) so engine reliability and quality is extremely good and close to par with the Big Name Brands.

When it comes down to it it doesn't matter what brand unit you purchase there is that chance with anything mechanical something could go wrong but for peace of mind its better knowing you're only up for $90 not $700.

Our units do come standard with a 12 MONTHS PARTS WARRANTY!! During that time if you need any components they are provided FREE of charge



The XUV HS500 is a concept-made-real utility vehicle featuring easy controls. A combination of powerful 500cc 5 Valve engine and built to last chassis, the XUV HS500 can be driven practically anywhere.
Below are some of the superb features built into the vehicle.  

Now standard with ROOF and WINDSCREEN!!

star 4X4 All Wheel Drive - 5 Valve Engine
star Digital Dash
star Electric Winch
star Water Cooled
star Tow Bar + Tow Ball
star 2 Seater
star Independent Suspension
star All Terrain Knobby Tyres
star Foot Brake and Hand Brake
star Headlights, Tailights and Indicators
star Ventilated Disc Brakes
star Front Bumper Bar

High Quality 5 Valve Engine Designed by Japanese (Subaru) Engineers

Engine Model Genuine Generation 2 - High Output - 500cc 5 Valve Engine All Wheel Drive
Engine Type 4 Stroke - Single Cylinder - Water Cooled
Cooling System Water Cooled
Compression 9.4:1
Bore/Stroke 84.5mm x 84mm
Maximum Output KW/HP N/A
Maximum Power / Rotating Speed 34.5HP (500cc), 44.5 HP (700cc)
Rear Sprocket Tooth Count N/A
Idle Speed N/A
Starting System Electric Start
Clutch Type N/A
Transmission 2 SPEED Auto (Hi & Low) + Reverse
4WD Transmission Selectable 2WD / 4WD / Full 4WD with DIFF LOCK
EFI Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection
Ignition CDI
Fuel Type High Octane Unleaded Fuel (92 or higher)
Engine Oil Grade Non Synthetic 10W/40SF 4 Stroke Engine Oil
Magneto Type Electronic Ignition System
Intake/Exhaust N/A
Final Drive Shaft Drive CVT Transmission
Spark Plug N/A
Frame Black High Strength Steel
Swingarm N/A
Controls Black High Strength Steel
Triple Clamps Black High Strength Steel
Handlebar N/A
Handlebar Grip N/A
Fuel Filter N/A

Front                        Rear
Rim High Strength Steel
Tyre 25 x 8.00 - 12                 25 x 10.00 - 12
Suspension Double Wishbone Independent Suspension
Brakes Hydraulic Brakes with Single Piston Caliper - Ventilated Round Disc Rotor
Maximum Speed > 70kph*  >80kph*(700cc) 
Maximum Load 350kgs (500), 400kgs (700)
Fuel Capacity 30L 
Engine Oil Capacity 1800ml
Tray Size 1100 x 820 mm
Seat Height 790mm
Ground Clearance / Wheel Base 280mm / 1910mm
G.W. / N.W. 615/ 524 kgs
Product Size 3000 x 1400 x 1850 mm
Package Size 2320 x 1310 x 1220 mm
Power Supply 12V
Rolling Capacity 6000lbs
Pulling Capacity 2500lbs
Cable Length 30 Feet
Maximum Boat Size 18 Feet
Maximum Boat Weight 5000lbs



Manufactured by HiSun in co-operation with Japan Fuji heavy industries (Subaru)

HiSun (Chongqing Huansong Industrial (group) Co.,Ltd) was stablished in 1987

Has a sales network that spans the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia. See HiSun World Distribution Map here (including Hisun Australia)

Heavy Focus on improving product quality and customer satisfaction
"Awarded Best Supplier by the worlds No1 and largest retailer Walmart"

See MORE INFO about HiSun the Manufacturer here

HiSun UTV Website

HiSun UTV International Website

Example: Hisun 700 UTV Maintenance Manual

500/700 UTV Workshop Manual (64mb) -> Download Here



Capital Cities:
Destination Approximate Delivery Time Price
Melbourne 2 - 4 working days $590.00
Sydney 2 - 5 working days $490.00
Adelaide 3 - 5 working days $690.00
Brisbane 5 - 7 working days $490.00
Perth 7 - 10 working days $1000.00
Hobart 4 - 9 working days $950.00
Darwin 5 - 9 working days $1300.00
Regional Areas:
Destination Approximate Delivery Time Price
Regional VIC 2 - 4 working days $850.00*
Regional NSW 2 - 5 working days $890.00*
Regional SA 3 - 5 working days $1280.00*
Regional QLD 5 - 7 working days $1400.00*
Regional WA 7 - 10 working days $1600.00*
Regional TAS 4 - 9 working days $1400.00*
Regional NT 5 - 10 working days $1900.00*
*** Shipping Rates for Remote NT, WA, SA, TAS, NSW, VIC & QLD may be more than the regional rates listed. Email us your postcode/ town to confirm

Order 500cc XUV HS500 4WD  WAS $10589!*

ONLY $9589*

Order 700cc XUV HS700 4WD   WAS $11589!*

 ONLY $10589*

NB: 4 Seater Hisun Side by Side Farm UTVs OUT OF STOCK, 

2 Seater 700cc Hisun Farm UTVs OUT OF STOCK

400cc Hisun 4x4 UTVs IN STOCK NOW -> See Here

* + Shipping as shown above * Units come standard with a parts only warranty. A full Parts and labour warranty can be purchased at time of purchase for an additional $1000. 

Units come in boxed form standard and require some assembly

* Unit built from the Hisun Factory same as HS500 HS700 & Atomik XUV 500 700

Have Questions? ... Want to ORDER?->ContactUS

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Also Available our NEW!! 300cc 4WD Farm Quad Bike

300cc Krusher Quad 4x4 ATV

Only $4489+ Shipping

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