Brand New set of either Force Anodised Radiator Guards
or Alloy Bash Plate
....Valued up to $250 
     NOW ONLY $150 or $170 (anodised)    $20 Flat Shipping
Covers nearly all recent model 125cc / 250cc / 450cc / 525cc dirtbikes - KTM EXC 250/ 450/ 520/ 525
Honda CRF 250/ 450, Yamaha WR, YZ 250 / 450, Suzuki DRZ, RMZ, Husqvarna, Kawasaki KX KLX, Husaberg, Aprilla, Gas Gas, beta, TM & Sherco + more.  See all models below

Info on Force Radiator Guards
Our radiator guards have been designed to provide great protection with minimal reduction in airflow while keeping the weight increase down. All of our radiator guards incorporate tubes across the face of the guard offering excellent side impact protection. Most designs include substantial rear bracing to further enhance both side impact and fold back strength.
The grill design has been flow tested and reduces linear air flow by less than 10% at lower speeds when compared to the standard louvre grill supplied with most bikes.

Info on Force
Bash Plates & Skid Plates
We had always found the traditional design of bash plates very frustrating when it came to maintenance. They were always difficult to remove for cleaning so the bike was always carrying an extra kilo or two of mud. When it came to oil changes there was always the concern of picking up dirt while feeding the sump plug up through the hole in the bash plate. Our solution was to develop mounting hardware so that the bash plate could be removed with a single bolt. While the design varies from one bike to another, they all feature quality stainless steel brackets.

If you wish to ORDER an Anodised Radiator Guard or an Alloy bash Plate.
Send an email to 
include you part no, bike make, model, year.
and your name, address & phone number.

Once payments made we'll then organise to send your part out.

Part No               Radiator Guards Description
FA-001-AP-01A      Aprilia 06-08 Anodised
FA-001-BE-01A      Beta 08 Anodised 
FA-001-GG-03A      Gas Gas 02-07 Anodised
FA-001-HA-01A      Honda CRF250X Anodised
FA-001-HA-02A      Honda CRF450X Anodised
FA-001-HA-03A      Honda CRF450R Anodised
FA-001-HA-04A      Honda CRF250R Anodised
FA-001-HA-06A      Honda CRF450R-09 Anodised
FA-001-HB-01A      Husaberg  02-07 Anodised
FA-001-HB-02A      Husaberg  09 Anodised
FA-001-HQ-01A      Husqvarna 04-08 Anodised
FA-001-HQ-02A      Husqvarna 08 4S Anodised
FA-001-KT-01A       KTM 01-07 2S Anodised
FA-001-KT-02A       KTM 01-074S Anodised
FA-001-KT-05A       KTM 07 250 EXC-F Anodised
FA-001-KT-06A       KTM 08 EXC Anodised
FA-001-KW-01A      Kawasaki 04-05 KLX400 Anodised
FA-001-KW-02A      Kawasaki 07-08 KLX450 Anodised
FA-001-KW-03A      Kawasaki KX450-09 Anodised
FA-001-SH-01A      Sherco Enduro 06-08 Anodised
FA-001-SH-02A      Sherco 09 Anodised
FA-001-SZ-01A      Suzuki 01-08 DRZ Anodised
FA-001-SZ-03A      Suzuki RMZ450 08-09 Anodised
FA-001-SZ-04A      Suzuki RMZ250 08-09 Anodised
FA-001-TM-01A     TM 08-09 2s Anodised
FA-001-TM-02A     TM 08 4s Anodised
FA-001-YA-01A     Yamaha 01-06 WR250F Anodised
FA-001-YA-05A     Yamaha 00-06 WR450F Anodised
FA-001-YA-06A     Yamaha 05-09 YZ125/250 Anodised
FA-001-YA-09A     Yamaha 08 WR250R Anodised
FA-001-YA-07A     Yamaha 06 YZ250/450F 07 WR250F Anodised
FA-001-YA-08A     Yamaha 07 WR450F Anodised


Part No                 Bash Plate Description
FA-005-GG-01      GasGas 4s Bashlate 06-09
FA-005-HA-03      Honda CRF250X/R 04-08
FA-005-HA-04      Honda CRF450R 05-08
FA-005-HA-05      Honda CRF450X 05-08
FA-005-HA-07      Honda CRF450R 09
FA-005-HQ-01      Husqvarna TE 08
FA-005-HB-01      Husaberg 09
FA-005-KW-01     Kawasaki KX450
FA-005-KT-01      KTM 08 4s
FA-005-KT-03      KTM 250/300 2s
FA-005-KT-04      KTM 250EXC/F 08-09
FA-005-KT-05      KTM 450/505 SX
FA-005-SH-01      Sherco 06-08
FA-005-SH-02      Sherco 09
FA-005-SZ-01       Suzuki DRZ400E
FA-005-SZ-03       Suzuki 09 RMZ250
FA-005-SZ-02       Suzuki 09 RMZ450 0
FA-005-YA-03      Yamaha 07-09 YZ125
FA-005-YA-04      Yamaha 07-09  YZ250
FA-005-YA-01      Yamaha 07-08 WR250F
FA-005-YA-02      Yamaha 07-08 WR450F