Suzuki GSXR 750  1989/90 - Cheap Used Road Bike FOR SALE 

ONLY $2900  (Redbook Value Average $5000)

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gsxr 750 1989

* Pic above is old. Doesn't look quite like this at present. Has been replaced with Black tank as the one above was leaking


SUZUKI GSXR750 1989, Used Motorcycle For Sale, Suzuki‘s classic mid-sized sportsbike. Fitted with Newer more Powerful 1990 model Long Stroke Engine. Best power to weight ratio of any Suzuki GSXR750 motorcycle up until the 1996 model. Approx 40,0000 kms on newer engine. Tinted Iridescent Screen, Laser Performance Exhaust. One of its kind Colour Scheme

No Problems with 750cc engine. Always been extremely reliable. End of taco needle has broken but you can still read RPM ok. There‘s some marks and blemishes in the paintwork but I guess you can‘t expect it to be perfect. I have new fork seals ready to be installed and recently installed a New chain.

Overall a Great example of a Race Replica Suzuki GSXR 750 Superbike and still in reasonable condition for age. Perfect balance of power, weight and handling between the GSXR 600 & GSXR 1000. Its a Very Fast Bike too, 0-100 km/hr in approx 3.3 seconds but sorry no joy riders only serious buyers. 

Buy Now for $2900
If interested contact David on 0416 071 242

gsxr 750 suzuki roadbike Dash

If interested contact David on 0416 071 242