All bikes/quads come 70 - 90% assembled in a box.

Our units come standard in a metal framed crate. For most of our larger ATV's & UTV's it is now a requirement for them to be assembled before they go out. If you are receiving a boxed item you are required to attach the wheels, handlebars, shock, some plastics, brake pads & battery plus other items depending on the model. This takes about 1-2 Hours for most bikes. Buggies, utilities and other larger units have more to assemble and will take much longer. Unless specified these units don't get a full pre-delivery inspection so even if you have purchased an assembled item please go over the entire unit and check that ALL nuts & bolts are tightened and wiring is fastened before use and at regular intervals. Please also check the tyre pressure, chain tension, wheel alignment, brakes, wiring, gear selection, throttle assembly, manifolds and all fluid levels. Any vehicles with foam air filters require oiling with a motorcycle foam filter oil. We will not be liable if these checks have not been made before first use and at regular intervals. Please read through your manual thoroughly.

If you are not familiar with these assembly, pre delivery or maintenance procedures, we highly recommend that you get a bike mechanic to carry out the work.

Most units use Unleaded* or Premium Unleaded* petrol (not e10). (*except Diesel & Electric UTVs) To run-in the engine, please do not over-rev or load the engine for the first 150kms or 2-3 tanks of fuel. Brake pads, clutches and engines need time to wear in to operate at their full capacity. Extra care must be taken during this initial run in stage. During the run in stage limit operation on steep hills, towing or through mud/sand.

The first service is required after 10 hours of use or one month of ownership whichever comes first.
During this service you MUST change all oils and inspect, clean or replace air & oil filters. If this is not done the warranty will be voided. All units come standard with a thinner transport engine oil. This oil needs to be changed at or before the first service. It is also a requirement at the first service to carry out all the initial checks as stated above and in your manual. 

The person operating the vehicle must be trained and fully aware of the limitation and safety of handling the vehicle. Buyer is responsible for all the necessary safety precautions while operating this bike. We are NOT responsible for any loss, theft, damage or injury caused. Quad bikes can be dangerous if the correct safety procedures are not adhered to. Please refer to these two pages 1) ATV Safety & 2) Safework NSW Gov for quad bike safety and selection.


* Refund/ Exchange Policy - In most cases sales are final. We may issue a refund or exchange if the item received is substantially not as described in terms of type or completely Dead On Arrival and cannot be fixed through our help. Change of mind, minor variations in model, colour, specifications are not reason for a refund/exchange. To qualify for a refund/exchange item must be in a new unused condition.

Photos and Information displayed on this website are for indication only - Minor variations in model specifications, design, graphics and features may occur from what is shown. 

* We will replace or repair any part that proves to be defective, upon an approved warranty claim.

* Due to the current climate retail prices can be subject to change due to unexpected increases in costs and stock delays. If a unit is on a long reserve price will have to be confirmed at time of delivery and may have to be adjusted to current market conditions.



# Unless stated otherwise units will have a 30 days PARTS ONLY warranty from the Importer which covers faulty workmanship and defective parts. Most 250cc shaft drive & 300 Quads will have a 6 months Parts Warranty, most Quads and UTVs over 400cc will have 12 Month Parts Warranty. Some larger quads and UTV's will have up to a 2 years parts warranty if you have proof of your 1 and 6 month services. 
# For minor parts replacement requirements these will be sent to your location at our cost
# For major warranty problems, it is the customers responsibility to return the vehicle to the Dealer location it was purchased from, alternatively to a local qualified mechanic. 
We will arrange to supply the necessary parts to the repairer in the shortest possible time. Shipping and labour are at the purchaser's expense, warranty applicable from the date of delivery. A full Parts & Labour Warranty may be available on some units for an additional $2000. 
# In the event of claiming parts under warranty, please send your details along with pictures of the vehicle, pictures of the faulty parts, part numbers from manual if available, VIN, vehicle kms & hours and a description of the fault to We will then have someone examine your claim and get back to you.
# Condition of this warranty states that the bike must be properly assembled and checked thoroughly before riding even if you purchased an assembled unit.
# This warranty does not replace parts which are consumable or expendable such as batteries, chains, drive belts, tyres,
globes, fuses, cables, brake pads, fork seals & clutches* (see below).
# Warranty does not cover wear and tear or damage due to mishandling, misuse, accidents, neglect or intentional damage caused by the user or by any other event.
# We will not be held liable for and warranty is voided if the unit is not run in properly or had its first service after 10 hours of use or one month of ownership whichever comes first and faults occur due to this
# The warranty is voided if any electrical modifications are made to the vehicle. If you wish to do modifications we highly recommend carrying them out outside the warranty period. 
# The warranty does not cover damage or theft in transit unless the optional $25 transit insurance is taken up
# No warranty is provided if unit is to be used for race, competition, commercial or promotion purposes

* Clutches (Specifically for UTV's & ATV's) are a consumable item generally not covered as a warranty item. Miss-use can be unintentional, utility vehicles are a tool for carrying light items and user from job to job.

Work such as feeding animals or spraying and towing can place the small centrifugal clutch under abnormal wear as often these tasks are performed below the correct engagement speed for the clutch to be engaged fully.

Ideal scenario for optimum clutch life will be driving between 10kph and 40kph, any usage below 10kph will increase wear on the clutch surfaces exponentially. 90 percent of the time the user will use low range, high range would only be used for continuous high speed driving over longer distances.

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